Our mission is to help women achieve healthier skin using our unique, science-backed, Spirit-led approach.

WABI-SABI® offers an honest, holistic way forward for women struggling with chronic skin sensitivity or breakouts.


Healthy skin, not perfect skin

Humans aren’t perfect. We have all sorts of imperfections, flaws, and weaknesses. And that’s okay. That’s the truth of who we are and pretending otherwise is unhelpful. Typical beauty marketing terms such as "flawless" and "perfect" are misleading and set us up for constant disappointment. Our skin will never be flawless or perfect! That said, we don’t have to settle for suffering. We can accept where we’re at, but we don’t have to stay there. We can move towards greater health, while also acknowledging that we won’t reach perfection. You can achieve healthy skin. You can achieve beautiful and radiant skin. That is fully achievable and possible. At WABI-SABI, we are committed to helping you get there.

We believe in grace

Anyone who has tried to solve their skin issues by using harsh, punishing products or prescriptions knows that oftentimes, it doesn’t work. We believe in gentle, yet effective naturally-based skincare that supports your skin’s health and healing process. Therefore, we refrain from using harsh or sensitizing ingredients in our products, whether natural or synthetic. We use ingredients that are good for your skin, and good for your spirit! Our entire line is free of essential oils to reduce the risk of allergic reaction or sensitization for skin that is already vulnerable. We are also PETA Certified and Logical Harmony certified vegan and cruelty-free.

We believe in truth

Skin care is not black-and-white. Sometimes powerful, topical treatments are necessary. Sometimes synthetic ingredients are better than natural ones. Sometimes the solution to our skin issues is more than skin deep and can't be solved by skincare alone. Sometimes our chronic skin issues are connected t our chronically stressful lifestyles. Sometimes they're not. Though we crave certainty, the truth is often not as black-and-white as we think. Our goal is to be honest with you and equip you with balanced information, so that you can find what works for your skin. Regardless of what your skin health journey entails, we strive to be truly honest, transparent, and balanced as we journey alongside you.

We love through giving

Women are more vulnerable to chronic stress, anxiety, and overwhelm and the many health issues, including chronic skin conditions, that arise out of them. That’s why we are committed to supporting women by investing in Kiva micro-loans. These small, interest-free loans support single mothers, widows, and those who do not have the financial support and provision of a husband. Giving back allows us to come around these women with love, dignity, and financial strengthening so they can stress less and know they are supported. We have invested in 24 women since 2018. Meet the women we have invested in here.