I struggled with my skin for many years. My skin was covered in painful, cystic breakouts. I felt ashamed, self-conscious, and desperate for a solution. I couldn’t understand what was wrong!

I tried many, many skincare products and nothing seemed to work.  Powerful, conventional treatments offered some results, but they often came with health risks or uncomfortable side effects. In my case, they seemed to do more harm than good.

Natural, 'non-toxic' skincare was much gentler, which my skin responded better to, but the products didn’t bring any real change. I enjoyed the earthy scents, colors, and textures that were a welcome change from the lifeless products I was used to. These products certainly felt better and more nourishing, but my skin stayed more or less the same.

After years of trial and error, I realized that a. maybe the topical solution lay somewhere in between the two seeming extremes of skincare and b. it was likely that my chronic skin issues wouldn’t be completely healed by skincare alone. I could sense that the issue was deeper than just my skin, and so the solution would probably have to be too.

As I continued searching for answers, I learned of the significant overlap between individuals with acne vulgaris and individuals with anxiety. I had been dealing with chronic anxiety since long before I had acne. I learned about the connection between anxiety and chronic inflammatory skin conditions, not to mention the effects of chronic stress on the human body, including specific systems that had been linked to adult acne.

I stumbled upon research showing that women with acne also had sensitive skin - in other words, acne-prone skin was sensitive skin. My skin being sensitive explained why punishing it with harsh treatments hadn't been the right approach.

It became very clear to me that my skin was not an island unto itself - it was intimately connected to and affected by what was going on beneath it and what was being put on it, not one or the other. 

I also found that women were far more likely than men to face these issues. I imagined there were probably many other women just like me dealing with the same problems.

With the knowledge I'd gathered, I came up with a plan to holistically heal my skin.

First, I would commit to a daily skin care routine that was truly gentle and naturally-based and incorporated effective, clinically-proven ingredients. Second, I would focus on reducing my anxiety and stress.

It turned out that there weren't many skincare products that fit the bill. The ones that seemed to also used essential oils, which, according to my research, were contact allergens, increased the potential for sensitization, and not suitable for (already) sensitive skin like mine. Hm...

I determined that I would have to create my own line of products, sans essential oils, using beautiful, natural ingredients and clinically-proven actives. That's WABI-SABI!

At the same time, I began praying, meditating, and looking to the heavens for some relief. I took up journaling, yoga, and spending time alone in nature. I tried to surrender my overthinking, worrying, and fear to God every day.

After a short period of time, my skin was the clearest and healthiest it had been literally ever. It truly felt like a miracle. It seemed unexplainable on the surface, but I knew what had happened. I was taking good care of my spirit, and it was showing on my skin. My skin was healing from the inside out, and the gentle skincare I was using was supporting and helping that process along, instead of hindering it.

Believe it or not, my skin has been clear ever since. The painful, cystic breakouts never returned. I don't even consider my skin sensitive anymore. It is healthy, balanced, and beautiful (so others say) like I always hoped for.

Taking what I learned, I created WABI-SABI, a sensitive skin care brand based on the knowledge of science and the wisdom of Spirit. We believe in a loving, balanced, truthful approach to skin health.

At WABI-SABI, we believe in effective, naturally-based skin care and looking beneath the surface. 

My goal with WABI-SABI is to help as many women as possible be free of their chronic skin conditions, and, when applicable, free of chronic anxiety as well. I have experienced complete, lasting healing on both fronts, so I know it's possible. Healthy, balanced, beautiful skin is available and attainable. A peaceful spirit is possible too.

Our small, but mighty team is here for you as a resource to help you reach your skin goals, whatever your journey may look like. I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to WABI-SABI!

John 1:14