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the We Sisterhood

I stand for a world in which every woman loves herself so deeply, she has no room in her heart for hate.

I envision a world in which every woman knows her worth, owns her power, and lives by her heart. I have no need to compete - I am her, and she is me. I embrace my beautifully imperfect self, and empower other women to do the same. I celebrate women of all ages, of all ethnicities, of all backgrounds, and beliefs.

Mine is a revolutionary glow.

My glow has nothing to do with acid peels and everything to do with the way I love myself. Above all else, I love to feel good and do good. I believe in keeping my self-care glow by sharing it with others.

I take my divine responsibility to love myself, seriously.

I know that beauty is way more than skin deep, and that authentic beauty can only come from within. I let my inner beauty shine brightest. The more joy and kindness and love I radiate, the more beautiful I feel. 

I vow to show up as my authentic self, in spite of my fear.

When I stand in my truth, I give other women permission to do the same. I will love myself and others unconditionally, because unconditional love begets unconditional freedom. I celebrate authentic beauty - all seven billion manifestations of it.

I am beautiful. I am worthy. This is my birthright.

I believe - no, I know - that self-love can and will change the world. And it begins with me.