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Our Mission

self-love thru self-care

That is our mission and goal. That you, beautiful you, may experience healing self-love thru luxurious botanical skincare rituals. 


We've searched far and wide for the very best ingredients Mother Earth has to offer! We use natural ingredients only - no harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances - and source Organic, Wildharvested, and Sustainably Grown ingredients whenever possible. 


We support Cruelty-Free by testing our products on people only, never on animals, and support Conflict-Free, Fair-Trade, by sourcing ingredients that are sustainable for farmers, their communities, and the environment. In an effort to support these values, our products are 100% free of Palm oil and Palm oil derivatives. 


Our products are packaged in reusable, glass containers and then nestled in 100% recyclable and/or post-consumer recycled materials when they make their way to you. Sustainability is important to us and we do our utmost to reduce, reuse, and recycle where possible.


Meet Elysse

I spent so many years feeling uncomfortable and unworthy in my own skin. My severely inflamed, acneic skin didn't respond to the countless products and prescriptions I tried. As it turns out, the solution was simple (isn't it always?) and my skin and spirit healed as I began to connect with nature, thru my diet and my skincare, and practice mindful self-care. Throughout my journey, I've not only learned how to eliminate the internal toxins that kept me from seeing my own worth, I've learned how to eliminate the harsh, external toxins in my skincare routine that prevented my skin from it's naturally beautiful, albeit imperfect, self.

What started as a journey to self-acceptance has blossomed into Wabi-Sabi Botanicals, a collection of gentle, effective, 100% natural self-care products. Made with high-performance Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients purveyed for their luxurious textures, aromas, and skin benefits, my intention with each product is to inspire and encourage you to practice beautiful, at-home self-care rituals like the ones that have healed my own skin and spirit. Each and every product is formulated by me and crafted by hand in our Southern California studio. I am so happy to be able to share them with you. I truly hope that they enrich your self-care, your skincare, and that they inspire self-love in you as they have in me. 

With my utmost gratitude,