Say goodbye to basic, boring and toxic

We believe in clean, green, healthy beauty. But let's be real - we're tired of seeing the same 'ol ingredients in green beauty products. Sensitive skin friendly skincare need not be basic or boring. That's why we select the very best exotic, skin-loving botanicals to marry with gentle science-backed actives for truly extraordinary results. We even like to go a step further and seek out beautiful ingredients that empower the people who produce them and don't negatively impact the environment - win win! Below we've highlighted some of the more rare ingredients we use, their benefits to your skin, and what makes them so special.

We strive to source ingredients that are produced by small-scale artisan producers, family-owned farms, and women-centered co-ops whenever possible.



This rare, fruity oil is comes from Brazil and is made using guava seeds that would usually be a waste product of the fruit and puree industries. The production of this oil allows rural farmers to generate more income using materials they would typically throw away! It has more than 75% Linoleic Acid and helps to keep skin blemish-free, reduce the appearance of pores, and keep skin healthy and radiant. Try it in Balancing Act Balancing Face Serum.


This caffeine-rich fruit is native to the Amazon rainforest. The berries are one of the richest sources of caffeine in the world with 3x more caffeine than coffee! Whether infused in cold-pressed oils or used in powder form, this ingredient helps to firm and depuff, boost skin radiance and increase collagen and elastin in the skin. Try it in Light Reveal Illuminative Eye & Face Serum and Valley of Light Illuminative 2-in-1 Mask & Exfoliant


This raw, whole fruit oil is extremely rare and native to central Brazil. It's a godsend for all skin types with 8% pure carotenoids to boost skin radiance and reduce the appearance of dark spots, twice the amount of vitamin C of oranges, and natural vitamin A to refine and even skin tone & texture and boost cell renewal. Try it in Light Reveal Illuminative Eye & Face Serum.


This vitamin A-rich oil is native to the Brazilian Amazon rainforest where the ripe fruits are sustainably wild harvested and cold-pressed by a family owned manufacturer. It has a vibrant red hue thanks to the exceptional amount of vitamin A, carotenoids and fatty acids this oil possesses. It helps to build and renew skin tissue, replenish moisture, restore elasticity, and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Try it in Light Reveal Illuminative Eye & Face Serum.


We love the story behind this sustainable oil. It comes from wild Cacay trees in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest - local families gather nuts that have fallen from the trees and cultivate new trees to harvest for needed extra income. The harvesting of these nuts helps to keep Amazonian soil fertile and productive as the trees add nutrients back to the soil after cultivation. The oil is exceptionally rich with natural vitamin A (or retinol) with 3x more than Rosehip Seed oil. It's one of our favorite oils for skin with uneven tone and texture, and leaves skin plump, firm, and glowing. Try it in Age Gracefully Ageless Face Serum.


Much of the Acai oil used in skincare is pressed from the dry seeds of the berry after the pulp has been removed for juice making. The oil is beige or brown in color and carries none of the nutrients found in the fresh, green oil we use. This is why our oil is so special. It's comes from berries sustainably wild harvested by rural communities in Brazil. They cold-press the whole berry, including the pulp and skin, which yields a beautiful, dark green oil. The oil is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll, or plant DNA, to rejuvenate, plump and protect skin. Try it in Age Gracefully Ageless Face Serum.


Lupin has been used medicinally since the time of Hippocrates 2,400 years ago! It comes from the Mediterranean basin and is special because the skin of the seeds contain a powerful terpene called lupeol. This active can be extracted from the seed coatings as in the extract we use and has been shown in studies to significantly increase type I collagen production, improve skin elasticity, improve skin firmness and reduce sagging within 42 days with daily use. Try it in Age Gracefully Ageless Face Serum.


This raw oil is very special and produced entirely by women! It comes from Namibia, Africa where fruits are harvested from the ground after they ripen and fall from the trees. Local harvesters carry the fruit to their homesteads where they are left to dry. The dried fruits are then cracked and de-pulped by hand, and fairly traded to artisan producers who cold press the kernels to produce our nutrient-rich Ximenia oil. The women who perform this work are able to generate a substantial cash income - many are single mothers and this is a huge help. This raw oil has an incredible, syrupy texture and contains over 80% pure fatty acids that deeply moisturize, repair and protect skin. Try it in Moisture Boost Ultra-Moisturizing Dry Skin Serum.


Squalane is nothing new, but unlike most Squalane on the market, ours comes from Amaranth rather than Olives, making it a much more sustainable (and rare) option! Squalane is a natural component of our skin's natural sebum and imparts moisture and softness without any greasy feel. It's exceptionally soothing for dry skin and helps to keep skin calm, healthy and hydrated. Try it in Moisture Boost Ultra-Moisturizing Dry Skin Serum.


This rare algae hails from southern Japan and is sometimes called 'green caviar' because the algae is made up of tiny green balls that look like traditional caviar. The seaweed is rich in beta-glucan, similar to hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate, moisturize and soften skin. It also contains a rich cocktail of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that leave skin nourished and glowing. Try it in Moisture Boost Ultra-Moisturizing Dry Skin Serum.


Milk thistle actually grows as a 'weed' throughout the world, but ours comes from a family-owned, Certified Organic farm in Ukraine. This plant and oil is special because it contains high levels of a widely studied antioxidant called silymarin, which protects cells from damage and helps the skin expel toxins. It also contains over 60% essential fatty acids, plus squalene, vitamin E, carotenoids and more to keep skin healthy and clear. Try it in Blemish Correct Soothing Serum & Spot Treatment.


This rare resin comes from parts of the Amazonian rainforest and is sustainably harvested much like maple syrup - by drilling a hole in the wood and allowing the resin to drip from the tree for 7-10 days. The 'oil' we use is actually the pure resin -  it's unrefined and comes straight from the tree! The resin has an extraordinary amount of terpenes and is documented as having powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, making it a true contender against breakouts and other types of skin stress. Try it in Blemish Correct Soothing Serum & Spot Treatment.


We first discovered this ingredient in Indonesia, and the Temulawak (also known as Javanese Turmeric) used to create our extract is grown by a rural farmer on the Indonesian island of Java. This root is in the same family as common turmeric, and the extract contains over 90% pure anti-inflammatory curcuma! This botanical active has been widely studied and helps to reduce the look of inflammation, promote healing, soothe skin, reduce excess oil, prevent scarring, and more. Truly a miracle for stressed and blemish-prone skin. Try it in Blemish Correct Soothing Serum & Spot Treatment and Valley of Light Illuminative 2-in-1 Mask & Exfoliant.

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