Wabi-Sabi® Botanicals

Ultra-Soft Organic Cotton & Bamboo Facial Cloths


Elevate your oil cleansing ritual with our ultra-soft Organic cotton & bamboo velour facial cleansing cloths. Handsewn in the USA, our facial cloths are naturally antibacterial, exceptionally soft and designed for even the most sensitive of complexions. Especially recommended for use with The Giver Ritual Cleanser & Makeup Dissolver.

Available in packs of two (2) or six (6) in classic Cream and Charcoal. 

    • Made with 100% Organic, dye-free cotton velour (Cream)
    • Made with Oeko-Tex Certified sustainably eco-dyed Organic cotton & bamboo velour and less than 2% polyester (Charcoal)
    • Each cloth measures 9” x 9”
    • Includes a hang tag to air dry between uses

How to use: Wet or submerge in warm-hot water and smooth over skin to remove your oil cleanser or facial mask. Pat skin dry.

Care instructions: May be used multiple times between washes. Machine wash cold or warm. Air dry or tumble dry low.


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