Wabi-Sabi® Botanicals

The Discovery Set | Deluxe Trial Set

$24.95 $40

Our Discovery Set comes with all (8) of our signature Essential Oil Free Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin in trial size! Complete with our matte black logo bag made out of recycled water bottles. 

This set includes deluxe samples of:

- Light Reveal Illuminative Eye & Face Serum

- Balancing Act Balancing Face Serum

- Age Gracefully Ageless Face Serum

- Moisture Boost Ultra-Moisturizing Dry Skin Serum

- Blemish Correct Soothing Serum & Spot Treatment

- The Giver Illuminative Cleansing Oil & Makeup Dissolver

- The Offering Probiotic Orange Blossom Toner

- Valley of Light Illuminative 2-in-1 Mask & Exfoliant

in (1) Matte Black Logo Bag.

$40 value.