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Woman, Empowered - An Interview with Amy Contreras, Intuitive Reader and Holistic Babe

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We are excited and honored to bring to you the Woman, Empowered interview series. In this series, we'll feature the stories and wisdom of women who embody the self-love and social impact we at Wabi-Sabi Botanicals are so passionate about. 

This week, our Woman, Empowered is Amy Contreras, San Diego-based Intuitive Reader, Lifestyle Coach, and all around Holistic Babe. Empowered and highly intuitive, Amy offers astrological and intuitive insight, guidance, and inspiration for those who seek it. While Amy's journey has not been an easy one, it's equipped her with the wisdom and empathy to serve and lead others out of their own darkness and into the light. Take a look at life through Amy's lens - one of service, beauty, and immense gratitude - in this interview as she touches on her personal journey to self-love, what service has taught her, and her plans to sit down with Oprah (!!!) and chat all things loving and Universal.

What is beauty to you?

Beauty is the essence of love, nature, air, water and the currency of our existence within the universe. Beauty is life and mindful compassion toward ourselves and others, it's the radiance we exude and how we shine within the atmosphere. Beauty begins at a cellular level within each atom. Loving vibration is Beauty inside and out.

Have you always been comfortable in your own skin? What has your journey to self-love looked like?

No, I haven't always been comfortable in my own skin. For about 20 years, I felt inflamed, sad, depressed and had energy spikes that left me foggy-headed. When I found out I was allergic to the foods I was eating, although I thought I was eating healthy, my life changed and I found the true meaning of explosive self-love. It was 2011 when my life shifted. I started training for a bodybuilding competition, got off birth control, went off gluten, soy and sugar and won 1st place. I manifested the feeling and pushed myself to the utmost limits of what I imagined I was capable of and that pulled up a lot of internal demons I was forced to love and accept. I work internally and spiritually daily and even before my gut issues, I worked on a lot of self-love. What my true message is about self-love is that it is a vibrational energy, not a simple act of treating yourself to a facial. It's the constant act of sweet whispers to yourself when no one is around, being kind and respectful to others, animals, plants and, most importantly, the universe.

[My journey to self-love] has been Bold, Raw and Powerful. Almost like I had been scrubbed inside out, left naked and alone in a very dark room of existence. I was introduced to someone I love and adore now with all my heart - me. I saw this little girl who was a warrior full of light. I walked to her and gave her a hug and embraced her with value, support, and love. I told her I would never let her go. I haven't nor will I ever again. I am me because I let go of everything I ever knew to be true and started over with open arms. Within that time I learned more about how strong and full of power I am within me! It was sacred and divine as if I had everyone on my side in the ether. 
Amy Contreras Interview

Why did you decide to go into the wellness field?

I got into the field to research answers as to why I was so sick and literally tired. I felt broken at the time and wanted to fix that. I had been depressed for so long and so unhappy, enough was enough. I wanted to empower other women like myself to find answers, to let them know they weren't alone, and that I was like them. 

How does self-care fit into your life?

Self-care now fits into my every day in small little ways that love and raise my vibration, from dancing like a weirdo naked until I start to laugh in the mornings to putting two fingers on my neck and feeling my heartbeat. Those are really crucial ways to know I am Alive and need to take care of myself. I also schedule it in my phone because I feel like I need to remember to give myself props and tell myself I Love Me daily.
You’ve mentioned that you do work on behalf of women and children affected by human trafficking and child slavery. How has this service work impacted your own self-love? What have you learned from the experience?
This has impacted my self-love by seeing myself through the eyes of these women and children.  My eating disorder and depression because of my stomach hurting or having a migraine seemed pretty ridiculous and selfish. When I looked into the eyes of these little girls who had gone through so much, I felt transformed. I felt a love and power within me that I had never felt before and it became my mission. I would cry out of the empathy of wanting to take away their shame and pain. What I thought I could never do was deep within me.
Working with Girl Rising and Sera Jhe Monastery Orphanage has made me appreciate being a female in the United States and has made me understand the rights we have through education. I have learned to love my body and the skin I am in by honoring the energy it holds. I have the learned the Power of Authority within my power - Love, light, intuitive guidance and raising the vibration in every moment to empower others to show them the way.
What is your long-term vision for yourself and Holistic Babe?
My long-term vision is infinite! I am currently setting up an interview with Oprah in her home and garden. I'm really excited, we are going to talk about the Universal flow of currency. Building my PR business with a Conscious Collective of really spectacular brands with a spiritually-minded missions to better the sacred space we called Earth. Bringing my Intuitive Readings to the masses with more expansive events. I'm setting up Conscious Festivals, Podcasts, Tipis, and Farm-to-Table experiences with my Intuitive Guidance. Also growing my one-on-one mentoring and opening up more spots for New Moon and Full Moon Readings and Lifestyle Coaching. I am feeling the expansion of currency in every moment and it's absolutely effortless!
If you could stand on the peak of a mountain and say or shout one thing, that all of the girls and women in the world would hear, what would it be?
Life is so Beautiful with Miracles in EVERY BREATH! I AM SACRED, I AM HER!

To work with Amy or to learn more about her mission and work, you can visit her website at or find her on Instagram @theholisticbabe. 


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  • Nancy on
    I love the work you do you show us how to be beautiful inside and outside.. You have help me get back on my path many times. 💗

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