6 of the Best Youtube Channels for Green Beauty Lovers

If you love green beauty like we do, you probably spend a fair amount of time perusing your favorite green beauty blogs, scrolling your green beauty-filled Instagram feed, and (our favorite!) watching green beauty's best and brightest personalities on YouTube. If not, you're missing out! These women are authentic, glamorous, and happy to share the best in green beauty (and make you laugh out loud, if you're lucky.) Meet 6 of the best YouTube channels for green beauty lovers.

The Glow Getter

Glow Getter Youtube

Ailish Lucas is everything you want in a YouTube BFF (or real life BFF for that matter) - fun, down-to-earth, honest, and always eager to share the latest and greatest in green beauty. She covers everything from makeup to skincare, and even takes you on her green beauty adventures around the world, visiting popular events and shops like the Indie Beauty Expo and Credo Beauty. You can't help but love Ailish and her passion for helping you look good, have fun, and make choices that are right for you. 



Instagram: @theglowgetterofficial

Teri Miyahira

Teri Miyahira Youtube

Teri Miyahira is what we call a clean beauty boss, posting sweet (and super helpful!) makeup tutorials, beauty box reviews, and more on the reg, while also creating her chic makeup line, Teri Miyahira Beauty. Teri is all about well-balanced wellbeing and her passion for all things good and beautiful is evident across all of the many platforms you can find her on. Plus, whether you're looking for luxury or affordability, Teri has you covered. You can even watch her cut her own hair live in her most popular YouTube video ever!



Instagram: @terimiyahira

Katey Denno

 Katey Denno Youtube

Katey Denno is a Celebrity Makeup Artist and Green Beauty Expert who knows her stuff. Whether you're totally new to green beauty or are a seasoned expert, Katey is happy to show you what's hot and what's not in the green beauty world. Her videos range from celebrity makeup tutorials (like this one - we're obsessed!) to product reviews, including skincare, makeup, wellness and more. 




Instagram: @kateydenno

The Green Bunny

The Green Bunny Youtube

Ashley Bernier is a vintage princess who loves green beauty, covets the occasional cuss word, and gives no f***** whose offended by it. We not only love Ashley's honest, no-BS approach to social media, we love her easy-to-follow makeup tutorials and beauty reviews (not to mention her glam, vintage thrift store finds.) Whether you need help navigating the green beauty world or just like to look at pretty things, The Green Bunny is a YouTube channel you don't want to miss.


Instagram: @greenbunnyvideo

Face By Meagan

FaceByMeagan Youtube

Redheads, look no further! Meagan is a Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist who absolutely slays when it comes to glamorous green beauty. FaceByMeagan features everything from makeup tutorials just for redheads to easy green beauty dupes and more. Whether your hair is red or rainbow-colored, Meagan is kind, warm and well-informed, making her channel a great source to look to for all things glamorous and green.



Instagram: @facebymeagan

Amber Newman

Amber Newman Youtube

Meet Amber Newman, our favorite new(ish) green girl on the block. Amber started posting organic beauty reviews one year ago and has since become a great, go-to girl for clean, green makeup and skincare staples. Amber's videos cover a wide range of topics, including makeup tutorials, summer essentials, how (and why) to make the switch to natural deo (so important!), foundation reviews, and more. Amber can even help you find and choose the best organic drugstore makeup when you're on a budget!


Instagram: @amberjnewman


Do you follow any of these green and glam YouTubers? What are your favorite, go-to YouTube channels for green beauty? Share your answers in the comments below!

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