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6 of the Best Blogs For All Things Wellness and Holistic Living

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Self-care is more than just face masks and bubble baths. For us, self-care means taking care of ourselves - body, mind, and spirit - and finding balance in the way we live our lives. Wellness blogs and the communities around them make this sometimes daunting task way less stressful, and way more fun. Not to mention, there is so much to learn. Whether you're a veteran of the wellness world or are just getting started, these are 5 of the best blogs for all things wellness and holistic living.

Janny Organically

Janny Organically Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Best Wellness Blogs

Suffice to say that Janny is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organic living. Covering everything from beauty and skincare to women's health (this article on breast cancer awareness changed our lives) to creating a less toxic home environment, Janny educates in a way that makes living healthier attainable instead of overwhelming. 


Instagram: @jannyorganically

The Holistic Babe

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Amy Contreras Holistic Babe Best Wellness Blogs

Amy Contreras has an inner light that shines all the way through to your phone or computer screen. Amy not only emanates some serious love, she has a plethora of knowledge to share when it comes to living holistically. If a more soulful and spiritual approach to fitness, nutrition, and beauty sound like your cup 'o' tea, Amy is your girl. With everything from yummy, plant-based recipes (vegan pizza, anyone?) to full moon rituals and advice, The Holistic Babe is our favorite one-stop shop for living a balanced life.


Instagram: @theholisticbabe


The Healthy Maven

The Healthy Maven Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Best Wellness Health Blogs

We love Davida's honest and down-to-earth approach to wellness (not to mention her super easy and delicious recipes.) If there is one thing Davida is not, it's pretentious. The Healthy Maven is a judgment-free zone where plant and meat eaters alike can find helpful tips, recipes, and learn how to live their healthiest lives. You can also find easy-to-digest information on adaptogens, gut health, and so much more. What's more, Davida has shared honestly about her struggles with clinical anxiety and depression and has created a safe space for an important dialogue on mental health and how it fits into wellness. 


Instagram: @thehealthymaven 

Courtney Kahla

Wabi-Sabi Botanicals Courtney Kahla Best Wellness Blog

Courtney is a chiropractor who happens to be majorly passionate about clean living. Her Instagram is a consciously curated mecca of clean beauty, healthy snacks, yummy teas and tonics, eco-friendly alternatives, and more (like this grey Himalayan salt lamp we can't get enough.) As if that's not enough, Courtney's ever-present grin, bright spirit, and (beyond) adorable dog make regular appearances on her feed. 

Instagram: @courtneykahla

OC Holistic Beauty

OC Holistic Beauty Best Wellness Blogs Wabi-Sabi Botanicals

We love Sherry's glamorous and creative approach to wellness. OC Holisitic Beauty often features unique DIY's (like this gold leaf nail art tutorial or this soothing lavender detox bath), gift guides, product reviews, and more. Sherry's an avid essential oil advocate and has the 411 on essential oil blends for everything from staying healthy during cold and flu season to improving your sleep to reducing headaches. And the cherry on top is that Sherry's local to us in OC, California (she even hosts fun, live wellness workshops and events on occasion!)


Instagram: @sherrymcanelly

Laura's Natural Life

Wabi-sabi Botanicals Laura's Natural Life Best Wellness Blogs

Laura is a nutritionist and holistic wellness educator who graciously helps others live a clean, green life. Laura's Natural Life provides well-rounded information on organic skincare, non-toxic mama and baby products, supplements and more. She even offers support and information for those suffering from chronic illness (like these five tips for thriving with chronic illness.) Laura also has a podcast called Non-Toxic Pursuits where you can get educated on everything from holistic pregnancy to breathwork to toxic mold. 


Instagram: @laurasnaturallife


Want to see more? Check out our favorite ethical living blogs here and the very best blogs for green beauty lovers here. 

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