Mini SAGGA Manuka Rose Cleansing Grains


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A dreamy, soft pink cleanser that transforms from fine powder to a beautifully fragrant, creamy cleanser in the palm of your hand. Saponin-packed Organic Colloidal Oats and Yucca Root provide gentle, soap-free cleansing without stripping skin of it’s vital moisture. Egyptian Pink Clay and Activated Bamboo Charcoal gently purify pores, while Pink Rose petals, Arjuna Bark, and White Sage stimulate collagen production and combat acne-causing bacteria. An enchanted forest blend of Manuka blossoms, Australian Buddha Wood, and Rosewood calms and centers the mind, while providing clarifying, anti-inflammatory benefits. An engaging, transformative cleansing ritual unlike any other. In a word — heavenly. 30 ml.

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NOTE: Products in our ‘Mini’ Series are meant for sampling/trialing products and do not have complete labeling. All ingredient information, directions for use, etc. can be found here on our site on the full size product pages.

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30 ml


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